Complete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer are now available on iOS!

We are thrilled to announce that Complete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer are now available for iOS!

You can download them here:

A few features are still missing compared to the Android version of these apps, but we have already started to work on them and they are coming in forthcoming updates very soon. Please find below the details of what is missing currently.

Complete Rhythm Trainer

  • Free practice mode is not available yet.
  • Polyrhythms mode is not available yet.
  • Custom drill creation/edition is not yet implemented in the app, but custom programs are. That means that if you are a teacher and have created custom programs on Android for your students, your iOS students can definitely join and play your custom programs on the iOS version of the app. Only the drill creation/edition is not yet available.
  • You cannot yet change tempo in drills.
  • You cannot yet individually set the metronome/instrument volumes in the app settings.

Complete Music Reading Trainer

  • Custom drill creation/edition is not yet implemented in the app, but custom programs are, same as for Complete Rhythm Trainer.
  • You can already connect a Bluetooth MIDI controller, but the user interface is not yet implemented. Therefore, the app will automatically connect to any Bluetooth MIDI controller available if you choose Bluetooth in the app menu.
  • Statistics are not yet available.

Apart from these, the apps should be identical to our Android versions. They should also be pretty stable, but do not hesitate to report any strange behavior you might encounter by emailing us at

Thank you for your patience, and please help up spread the word!

App updates

Almost a year since we have made a post about Complete Ear TrainerComplete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer. Time for an update!

First we have a developed a translation management system so anyone can help translating the apps in different languages. You can find it here: Thanks to this tool, but above all thanks to the wonderful Maksym Vlasov, Ezequiel Santos, Tomasz Sęczkowski, Christian Plonka and Miranda Roll-Lund:

Then, these last few months we added two sections to Complete Rhythm TrainerPolyrhythms (play and practice any polyrhythm) and Free Practice (write and play any rhythm).

On the iOS side, we are hard at work on the iOS port and we finally released custom programs for the iOS version of Complete Ear Trainer. Custom programs are of course cross-platform and you can create custom programs for your students that can be joined and played from both Android and iOS devices. Remaining features are currently ported (additional sound banks, UI update, etc.) and as soon as it is done, Complete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer port will start. We hope to release everything this year.

That’s all for now!

Complete Music Reading Trainer

It is a great pleasure to announce that our brand new app Complete Music Reading Trainer has been released on Android!

About the app:

The ultimate music reading training app. Designed like a video game and with strong pedagogical concepts in mind, Complete Music Reading Trainer is the fastest way to learn to read sheet music and improve your sight-reading skills. Whichever clef you want to learn and whatever your instrument is, the app will make you master any chosen clef or clef combination while rendering the learning process enjoyable.


  • 270 progressive drills covering all seven clefs (treble, bass, alto, tenor, soprano, mezzo-soprano and baritone clefs) over 3 levels / 26 chapters
  • Content is organized in such a way that you can choose which levels or chapters are relevant to your instrument and focus on these, whether you play the guitar and only need treble clef, piano and need treble and bass clef, cello and need a mix of bass and tenor clefs, etc.: all instruments are covered
  • Practice key signatures up to 6 sharps/flats in progressive key signature drills
  • Practice common clef combinations in mixed clef drills
  • Play a selection of 19 drills in arcade mode
  • 5 octaves of actual recorded grand piano sounds
  • 6 additional sound banks are available, all with actual recorded sounds: vintage piano, Rhodes piano, electric guitar, harpsichord, concert harp and pizzicato strings
  • 3 ways to input notes: note circle, virtual piano keyboard, or by connecting a MIDI controller to your device
  • 4 sheet music display styles: modern, classic, handwritten and jazz
  • … and much more!

Get it here: